Howletts Zoo Vouchers

More than just a zoo, Howletts Wild Animal Park is home to some of Britain’s most thrilling and educational animal experiences. A full-featured wildlife park that mixes the fun of a zoo with the responsibility of a wildlife sanctuary, this interesting park is a great day trip opportunity for residents of, and visitors to, the Kent area.

Whether you plan to become a zookeeper for the day or simply wish to view some of the world’s most impressive animals, Howletts Zoo offers a wide variety of different experiences for visitors. By making use of Howletts zoo vouchers, you can enjoy this first-rate wildlife park for a fraction of the normal price of admission.

Howletts zoo vouchers are somewhat hard to come by, with only a few retailers and rewards schemes in the UK offering discounts for the park. One of the most popular programs for Howletts zoo vouchers is Tesco’s Club Card rewards scheme. Members with £5 or more in Tesco Club Card vouchers can redeem them for £20 in tokens to spend in the park.

This means that visitors to the park can see all of its attractions, including the well-known African big cats and the Zookeeper Academy, without having to worry about spending their own cash within the park. Tesco Club Card vouchers can be used to cover both the cost of admission and additional spending within the park.

Howletts Zoo coupons are available from local retailers and travel agents, with some vouchers good for free child entry to the park. Other discount vouchers include a 20-percent discount for groups of six visitors or more. Select local hotels tend to offer these vouchers to guests after they have confirmed a booking or checked in.

Finally, if you live in the area and would like to visit the Animal Park at the reduced price, it’s worth checking your local newspaper for discounts. The zoo is known for occasionally offering buy-one-get-one-free access to the park for adults and children alike – a promotion that can drastically cut down the cost of admission to the zoo.

Howletts Zoo offers free admission for children aged less than three years, while adults £23.95 and children £19.95. A Howletts Passport is also available for visitors that wish to visit multiple times in one year. Special Gold Card tickets are also available for visitors to both Howletts Zoo and Port Lympne Wild Animal Park. Unfortunately, the Passport and Gold Card passes can’t be purchased using promotional vouchers.

Boasting one of the most comprehensive collections of animals, both international and domestic, in the region, Howletts Zoo is a great destination for families, as well as individual animal lovers. While the animals are undoubtedly the park’s biggest attraction, it’s the experience – that of being a zookeeper for the day, or simply of being surrounded by powerful creatures – that makes this park such a memorable experience.