Dudley Zoo Vouchers

One of the West Midlands’ premier animal attractions, Dudley Zoo draws in visitors from nearby cities and communities, as well as visitors to the area seeking a family-friendly day out around interesting animals. With a wide variety of native and rare animals for visitors’ viewing pleasure, Dudley Zoo is a great place to spend a day.

Known officially as ‘Dudley Zoological Gardens,’ the beautiful wildlife and nature park combines the best parts of zoo-like exhibits and attractions with a valuable, important, and socially responsible focus on conservation. This has made the zoo one of the most popular attractions in the area for school groups and classes.

A variety of Dudley Zoo vouchers are available, each offering visitors to the park a different special deal. Some vouchers offer discount pricing on admissions to the zoo, while others allow visitors traveling with children to get their family in as part of a cheaper discount package.

Dudley Zoo has recently been offering two-for-one vouchers to members of its local community, allowing people visiting the park to receive a free adult’s admission if a standard adult admission ticket is purchased. This allows couples and friends alike to enjoy the zoo and wildlife park at a significant discount from the usual price.

While the two-for-one deal is current tough to find, Dudley Zoo offers an on and off promotion aimed at helping kids access the park in local newspapers. This Dudley Zoo voucher allows children to access the zoo free when traveling with an adult. A free child’s admission ticket is issued with every adult ticket that’s purchased.

Another Dudley Zoo voucher deal is the adult’s annual membership, which can be purchased for the reduced price of £20 per year. Since the standard ticket price is £13.50 per visit, this annual pass represents a significant saving for adults that wish to visit the zoo and gardens more than once a year.

Finally, a special Dudley Zoo voucher is available for groups planning a trip to the zoo and wildlife park. Groups of over ten people that book their tickets in advance will be given an eleventh ticket free, allowing an extra group member to browse the zoo’s collection of wild animals free of charge.

It’s worth noting that all of Dudley Zoo’s vouchers are valid for the entire period that is printed on the voucher, with the exception of any bank holidays. If you have plans to visit the park on a bank holiday weekend, it’s worth calling in advance to check if your voucher will be accepted.

In case you are unable to use a voucher to enter Dudley Zoo at a reduced price, the zoo’s standard rates are far from expensive. Adults can visit the zoo for just £13.50 per day, while children can access the zoo and gardens for only £9.50. Children of three years or less are allowed in for free, and all tickets include a £1.25 charitable donation towards conservation work at the zoo.