Dalton Zoo Vouchers

Known to locals as Dalton Zoo, the South Lakes Wild Animal Park is one of Cumbria’s top wildlife conservation attractions. A large seventeen-acre zoo that has been open since 1994, the park has grown into one of the region’s top tourist attractions and zoological hotspots, attracting both visitors to the region and local animal lovers.

Located at the southern end of the Lake District, the animal park is easy to access and perfect for a short day trip. Offering both the traditional zoo experience and a variety of special conservation experienced – including the ability to ‘adopt’ one of the park’s animals, it’s a great destination for families with young children.

Admission to the park is fairly priced and affordable, with adults getting in to the park for just £13.50 per day and children paying only £8.00. However, these low prices can be bought down even further by making use of Dalton Zoo vouchers to access the park for a reduced price, and in some cases, visit the zoo for free.

South Lakes Wild Animal Park is one of several zoo programs available to users of Tesco’s Club Card rewards program. For every £5 of Tesco rewards points, visitors can receive a £20 credit to be spent on admission to the park, or on accessories and beverages within the zoo. This deal is perfect for shoppers looking to reduce their costs while on holiday in the area.

Alternatively, a variety of other Dalton Zoo vouchers are available. The park offers a special promotional voucher over the Christmas and New Year period, with children getting in to the park for free from the 5th of November until the 28th of March. This promotion includes access to special Christmas-themed exhibits and experiences.

Adults also gain free access to the park during the Christmas and winter period, although for less time than children. Adults can visit the park for free from the 5th of November until the 8th of February. This makes the park a perfect free family day trip for visitors to the Lake District during winter.

Outside of the Christmas promotional period, Dalton Zoo vouchers are available from local magazines, websites, and promotional guides. Two-for-one vouchers are widely available, allowing visitors to the park to cut their admission costs in half when visiting in groups of two.

A special student rate of £4.60 per visitor is available for groups traveling to the park as an educational experience. Teachers are able to visit the park with their students at the reduced rate of £7.00 per day, and can claim a variety of exciting options within the park, included a guided tour by conservation experts.

Thanks to its free visitor period, two-for-one vouchers, and fantastic pricing for students, the South Lakes Wild Animal Park is a great place to visit while you’re staying in the Dalton-in-Furness area. Whether for educational purposes or just to see some of the world’s most interesting animals, this vibrant and interesting zoo will keep both children and adults keenly interested and entertained.