Colchester Zoo Vouchers

Known as one of Britain’s premier wildlife parks, Colchester Zoo has been a major tourist attraction for almost fifty years. Founded in 1963 and boasting a population of over 5,000 animals, this natural park and zoological garden has received a great deal of acclaim for its attention to detail and intense focus on sustainable zoology.

Colchester Zoo is one of the largest zoos in the nation, boasting a huge amount of animals. The zoo has a focus on immersive experiences, preferring to give visitors an exclusive first-person look at life in the wild. One of its most recent ‘experiences’ is the new Lost Madagascar exhibit – a walk-through look at African animal life.

Other great immersive exhibits include the Penguin Shores section, where visitors to the zoo can watch large colonies of penguins from the Antarctic feed and bathe in icy water. The Suricita Sands exhibit offers the exact opposite experience – a look at life for meerkats in one of Africa’s driest desert regions.

Once the feature location of Zoo Days, Colchester is still one of the country’s top zoos. Despite its immense popularity and acclaim, however, admission to the zoo isn’t all that expensive. An adult’s day ticket is priced from £12.99 to £17.99 based on the season, while children can access the zoo from as little as £8.50 in winter.

To make access to the zoo even more affordable, Colchester Zoo has partnered with a variety of local businesses and large companies to produce several Colchester Zoo vouchers. These include a special Goodness for Kids promotion with Tesco, which includes a free single-day access pass for children under sixteen years for the zoo.

Other discount deals include a partnership with Tesco to offer discounts at the zoo using their Club Card scheme. Card members that have saved up £5 worth of credit can spend it for a whopping £20 worth of credit at the zoo. This can be applied to the cost of admission, as well as the cost of food and beverages inside the zoo.

Finally, vouchers are available for a 20 percent discount on the zoo’s wide variety of ‘Experience’ packages. These include the ‘Keeper for a Day’ experience, where kids that are interested in zoo life can learn about raising and caring for animals, and the zoo’s exclusive ‘VIP Package,’ complete with a private tour of the zoo’s exhibits.

For those without Colchester Zoo vouchers, several discounts are available for large groups and educational outings. Groups of fifteen of more people qualify for special pricing, The zoo plays host to over 30,000 students a year and offers great discounts for large groups of school children visiting the zoo to learn more about nature.

From discount pricing for groups to cut-price offers for loyal Tesco shoppers, there are a huge variety of special offers and vouchers for Colchester Zoo available. If you are in need of a relaxing day out in the sun, complete with education and immersive experiences, then Colchester Zoo might be the ideal place to find it.