Blackbrook Zoo Vouchers

A short drive from Stoke-on-Trent, Blackbrook Zoo is one of the area’s top wildlife and nature parks. Open year round for visitors with the sole exception of Christmas Day, this compact yet comprehensive zoological park is home to animals that will excite, surprise, and intrigue even the most discerning visitor.

Access to Blackbrook Zoological Park is inexpensive and simple. A short and simple trip from Stoke-on-Trent, the zoo welcomes visitors throughout the year. Adults can access the park for a one-day price of £9.95, while children aged three and up get in for just £6.50 per day. A four-person family pass is available for only £29.95 per day.

The zoo offers a variety of interesting, non-traditional experiences for visitors that want more than the standard zoo experience. Children interested in the workings of a zoo can opt to become a zookeeper for a day, feeding and caring for the zoo’s many animals. An ‘adopt an animal’ program is available, which helps the zoo operate.

Although the standard entry fees certainly aren’t expensive, a variety of Blackbrook Zoo vouchers are available to reduce the cost of admission even further for cost-conscious visitors. The park offers a 20 percent discount for any groups of six of more that visit, cutting a significant portion off the cost of entering the zoo.

Blackbrook Zoo vouchers are also available for children visiting the park as part of a school tour. School children can access the park at a reduced rate of just £5.50 each, with one adult able to get in for free with every five kids. Reduced admission rates for company outings and team building exercises are also available.

Special vouchers occasionally pop up from time to time for children looking to enjoy a day of special activities at the zoo. The five-hour Zookeeper Experience tour, which is normally priced at £99.00 per person, is occasionally available for just £35.00 on a variety of different voucher websites.

Finally, ‘sunset’ discount vouchers for Blackbrook Zoo are available, granting access to the zoo during the evening for four people, all at the low rate or £11.00. Note that this type of ticket does not allow for access to the park during the morning, and can only be claimed by groups accessing the park together within the permitted times.

Blackbrook Zoological Park offers great opportunities for visitors to learn more about the animals on display, including a full-guided tour for just £40. This tour includes information on the status of many of the park’s endangered species, with important conservation messages passed on to park visitors.

From penguins to pigs, lemurs to elegant swans, Blackbrook Zoo offers visitors to the Stoke-on-Trent area a great opportunity to enjoy the great outdoors, as well as an opportunity to see nature’s most impressive creatures. With a Blackbrook Zoo voucher, a day out at the wildlife park is the ultimate low-cost family adventure.